Friday, September 21, 2012

Mileage Report

This week's total mileage came to 6.6mi.  For my first week back, not too shabby!  There was also a head cold in there that slowed today's run down, I'm blaming the sinus meds.  My "long" run this week was 3.2mi on Tues.  I am really pleased that I didn't lose as much of my base as I thought I would while recovering from surgery.
In other news, we are all set to register for the race, before those silly fees go up!!  153 days to go!

Friday, September 14, 2012

First Run!

Pretend that you didn't read the first post about my return to running.  Jared and I just got in from my first run since surgery.  HOORAY for running!  It wasn't as terrible or frustrating as I thought it would be.  Jared, the ever-wise coach, made me leave all my technology at home.  Good idea.  I enjoyed just being out and not moving at a snail's pace, while we ran/walked around the neighborhood.  Surprisingly, I was able to run several blocks at a time, contrary to what I expected.  So today's successes were cute sweaters while shopping and a very motivating run through the neighborhood.  Woot!  Disney Princess Half, here I come!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 1 in Review

This week has mostly been about getting my workouts back on track and consistency with my food journal.  So far, pretty good.  I was reminded that my consistency with eating isn't the best.  Some days I ate way too much and others (like yesterday), I didn't remember to eat until after noon.
The workouts this week were good and my incisions are well enough into their healing that I could do most of the cardio bursts.  YAY!!  I managed (in my not-so-busy schedule) 4 JM workouts.
Katie, I finished "Run Like a Mother" this morning.  I usually lose interest in books before I reach the end of them, but this was a great motivator and progressed in a circular thinking pattern, which I totally followed.
Lastly on the training news front, I was talking with Jodi about the half and we decided we would do some training runs together.  I assured her that I'm pretty slow with my pace, so hopefully we can throw some speed workouts in there too.  I'm always happy to have another running buddy, so I can still explore new trails, even when Jared is busy/sleeping.
I have come no further on the costume decision.

Until next week~ Happy Running Trails!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Planning Day!

In true Nicole-fashion, I spent the morning laying out my plan of attack for this adventure.  The difference will be I will take my husband's approach and actually follow the plan.  To help myself do just that, I also set up a reward system.  The reward system was inspired by Katie, but designed like my piano teacher's rewards: Stickers.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Stickers for completing my assignments.  So my piano teacher used to give me sticker in my assignment book when I had practiced  and completed my songs for the week.  After a few stickers, I got something from the prize basket.  Well, my prizes will be after one month of stickers and the rewards will be way better.  Can you say new running skirts?
I'm following the basic layout of the training plan recommended on the website.  However, Jared felt like that plan was a bit soft, so I tweaked it.  I built the plan around my work schedule.  I filled out my work days and my strength training days.  Then I plugged in my running days, mostly on days off from work.  The plan as-is will have me at 14 miles on my long-run day, two weeks before the race.  I was very careful to not plan a hard workout day or a long run on my workdays, as to not set myself up for failure.
In order to get a sticker for the day, I have to have A) Done my assigned workouts; B) Drank all my H2O; and C) Mostly eaten healthy (I have to allow for the occasional cupcake or whatnot).

This morning was also JM Workout 2.  There was only one of the exercises I couldn't do, due to restrictions.  Otherwise, there was a bucket of sweat and it was awesome!  So good to be back at the workouts!  I also ate pretty well today.  I'm working on my water as we speak.
I looked at the costumes, yet again, and I have made no progress.

Until next time, go run a few miles for me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Which costume to make...?

Costume ideas

Open to opinions and suggestions!!

Thanks to Katie...

After watching Jared train for the Colorado Marathon in 2011, I swore up and down I would not ever train for a full marathon.  What I forgot to swear off was half marathons.  I've contemplated training for one a few times, signed up for one that I didn't finish training for, and that's about it.  Last year, Jared and I signed up for the Rock N Roll Half in Denver, but my training was derailed by uber-hot summer weather and my being in one of my best friend's wedding.
My sis-in-law asked me about doing the Disney Princess Half in February with her, earlier this summer.  I was very hesitant, given that I was having surgery in August.  After surgery and seeing that I will have no problem returning to running when I'm allowed to on Oct. 1, I agreed to train with her.  However, I made an addition: I talked Jared into training with us!  So my husband will be training for the Princess Half as well.  He's thrilled.  I haven't told him that he'd make a stunning Princess Aurora.  Being that he is my coach, it's only appropriate that he trains with me.  Also, the race website is amazing and gets a person totally exciting to get going!  Thanks for that, Katie!
Right now, I am not allowed to run, so I'm maintaining/improving my fitness with strength training and bike rides, when my bike is cooperating.  This morning I did a full-on work out of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, workout 1.  It was so good to be back in my gym!  I think I'll feel it tomorrow.

My other task right now is researching costumes for this event!  I have a few ideas, I may need some feedback...